Zuzana Mantel / SLOVAKIA

I was born 17. october 1972 in Spisska Nova Ves - Slovakia. In year 1997 I finished study on Katedra of design – Technical University in Kosice / Slovakia /. Six years of study was oriented on product and graphic design, vizual communication with excellent teachers as: J. Hascak, Jenik, A. Szemnetery. In year 1999 I migrate to Israel. I live there for several years with mine family. In the end of year 2005 I come back to Europe. At the present time i live in Prague - Czech repiblic.

I'm oriented on graphic and interior design, oil paintings and paintings on silk, mosaics.

Independent exhibition: 2001 - Haifa, Israel - HOTENTOT
                                        2002 - Tel-Aviv, Israel - Nachlad Beniamin
                                        2003 - Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia -GUS/Gallerie umelcov Spiša
                                        2004 - Caesarea, Israel - FOCUS center
                                        2004 - Caesarea, Israel - privatte villa
                                        2005 - Prague, Czech republic - galerie Futura
                                        2005 - Tel-aviv, Israel - Exhibition ground / Adam ve ha Olam

Collective exhibition: 1994 - Kosice, Slovakia - Galeria Juliusa Jakobyho
                                   1995 - Praha, Czech republic - Technicke muzeum
                                   1997 - Kosice, Slovakia - Klub architektov

My works are in private collection in Israel , Czech republic , Mexico , USA , India , England , Kanada, Holland and Slovakia.

Im painting light and colours, emotion and vibration. I want to catch magic moments of our life. I'm interested in philosophy, numerulogy, symbolism, life-philosophy, religion and culture. My creation is direct at natural and human forms. I create with love.